You are now a developer!

...thank you, Android.

Anyone who is an Android Developer has been welcomed with that beautiful message after sacrificing there device over to the development gods. But becoming a developer is not as easy as hitting a Build Number 7 times and calling it a day (if only).
It takes consistency, practice, a willingness to learn, and perseverance to continue to work through problems that you run into (aka struggle).

One place I consistently turn to for guidance when I am working through a problem are blog posts. Developers willingness to share knowledge through posts has helped me immensely on my journey as a developer, so in return I hope that my blog will do the same for at least one person out there.

Along with the standard “tutorial” style blog posts, I also want to try to post shorter, more concise byte size blog posts (see what I did there) that cover individual, smaller problem sets that I come across and my solutions for resolving those.

The majority of my time these days is spent doing Android Development, so many of my topics will center around the Android Framework, Kotlin, and some of the items that I am doing in that realm.
I also have background as an Android Security Engineer and Cyber Security in general, so I will have posts surrounding more of the “internals” of Android (i.e. looking at byte code, working with R8/D8/ProGuard, etc…).

I may take a step back and do a retrospective of the difficult to grasp concepts that surround Android, like life cycles and the architectures that try to make the lifecycle manageable. I would also like to treat this blog as a journal for when I am tinkering, either with new players in the world of Android like Flutter or prototyping concepts on Android Things SDK or other IoT Projects. The skills of a Software Engineer should never be tied to a specific framework, because if history has its way, current languages/frameworks will fall by the way side and engineers will be forced to adopt something new. As a continuous learner, some of my blog posts will be about the learning process/journey that I am on at the time and some of the “fun facts” of using whatever that solution is.

So thanks for reading this, and definitely stay tuned for more to come!

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