About me

I am a Software Engineer living in Lovettsville, Virginia and have worked primarily in the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. I’ve been developing as a hobby since Middle School where I crafted horrible looking websites on GeoCities. Now I create them in Hugo.

Professionally, my work has primarily been working with the Android Framework working on developing towards Android applications, but I have experience in full-stack development as well. I’ve built back-end micro-experiences in Java/Kotlin, setting up end-to-end reporting dashboards for Product folks to gain unique insights to how customers are using products. This included setting up client side collection capabilities, back-end servers to report metrics to, and Splunk dashboards to gather, filter, and create reports on that data.

I’ve worked in Python, Shell, Java, Kotlin, C, and many other professional languages.

I have a degree in Game Design from Full Sail University and a degree from University of Maryland University College in Computer Science with a Minor in Cyber Security. I served 9 1/2 years in the Army, and have worked as a Cyber Security Consultant and Android Security Engineer for various organizations.

I’m always willing to share my experiences and discuss all things development.

Thanks for visiting!